Skinprint wedding Rings

Epidermal  wedding rings express in filigree on the surface of the rings the lines of life and love and create unique patterns that symbolize the couple and its commitment.

Order our free imprint kit


Order our imprint kit

After choosing your wedding rings model, you have the possibility to order your imprint silicone kit.

this kit consists of two small jars containing two different silicones  ans instructions for use.


Take your skin imprint at home easily

Once the body part has been chosen, left palm, back of hand, arm or neck part, etc. (preferably without hair or shave the chosen part) mix the two silicones equally and apply with the back of a small teaspoon the silicone in a thin and regular layer. Think big for the area to duplicate, better too much than not enough. Wait 10 minutes and untie it.

Return to the workshop: 121 rue Faider 1050 Brussels. Belgium



Have your wedding rings delivered or pick them up in our shop in Brussels

The manufacturing time is 4 weeks.

Our gallery is located in the lively and trendy district of Le Châtelain next to Rue du Bailly and Place de la Trinité. 

121 Faider Street 

1050 Ixelles.

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