Martine Hermans-Frisvold is one of those people that become impossible to forget once your paths cross. As jewelry designer, she completed her studies in Italy and it’s plain to see! This classic, elegant, and timeless beauty is perfectly defined in her pieces. However, she has something more: a symbolic and almost metaphysical element that she introduces into each individual piece.

Because a piece of jewelry is so unique and we pass it on from generation to generation, it is in and of itself something entirely personal. It is intimacy in plain view but no one can discern it without knowing the codes. It’s like a glance. Its purchase requires reflection and happens under specific circumstances. Like a tattoo.

Martine Hermans-Frisvold takes this idea even further, proposing jewelry with an impression from one’s skin, a scar, a navel, or even a nipple. It is not seen, but the wearer knows it; like a smile after having made love.

From there, she opens a world of possibilities, allowing each person to fully own their piece of jewelry, or the opportunity to give a piece of themselves to another person. With great delicacy, she makes custom pieces at an affordable price, focusing on both the psychological aspect as well as the creative aspect. A scar like a reminder, a nipple that has been lost, the immortalization of moving skin… It’s no surprise that she’s named her brand Skin&Soul.

We also find this poetry and depth in her other pieces; leaves and seeds collected and dipped in gold and silver. A nod to Art Nouveau, nature and life dangle from our neck.

Martine Hermans-Frisvold exudes this human aspect and spirit of sharing everywhere. The space in which she presents her work, in the Chatelain quarter of Ixelles, is luminous and sincere, and serves as an art gallery showcasing the work of other artists: jewelry, photography, sculptures… It is clear that there is emotion and an appreciation for all things beautiful here.

She also gives jewelry design classes and invites classes to come see her work. A great address to keep in mind!

Skin&Soul – 121 rue Faider – 1050 Bruxelles

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